sábado, 27 de abril de 2013


This is the first day of my life and I'm glad I didn't die 
before I met you. 
But now I don't care I could go anywhere with you 
and I'd probably be happy.

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Cause sometimes all you wanna do is stop thinking, stop wishing, stop remembering...

Cheer up my posho.


domingo, 7 de abril de 2013


Somos malas. Somos cotillas y las más duras críticas. Sabemos hasta qué límites puede llegar nuestra falta de romanticismo o de excesiva imaginación por ciertas lecturas. Nos empeñamos en llevar una vida sana para luego después hacer meriendas que podrían satisfacer a cuatro comensales. 
Perdemos el tiempo y disfrutamos haciéndolo.
Llevamos muchas cosas en secreto para solo nosotras ser partícipes de ello, cuando no tendría porqué esconderse al resto.
Somos conocedoras de nuestras imperfecciones, tanto, que podemos burlarnos de ello.
Podrían sacar a relucir el momento más embarazoso o el secreto más íntimo de la otra, que nada nos sorprendería.


sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013


"...que sigas sin poder de parar de hablar, que tengas cara de susto por las mañanas, que sigas tardando dos mil años en quitarte el pintauñas porque eres asi de desastre, que te agobies porque se te va a pasar la fecha de comprar la VOGUE del mes, que sigas acumulando zapatos que ya no sabes ni donde meter...."


viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013


"Having a best friend feels like going on an awesome first date every time you guys talk or hang out. You finish each other’s sentences. The rhythm of your conversations is speedy because your brains are working so fast to keep up with the other. Over the years you watch each other grow and you feel proud of them when they land awesome jobs. You can’t believe you’ve even been friends for that long. In that time you might even start to talk like one another. You’re connecting! Sure, these are all traits we look and hope for in our soul mates, but the truth is that you can always count on your best friend to be your soul mate, even if all of your other romantic relationships fail.
No matter where you go in life, across countries, cities, or through different career paths, your best friend is the person you can meet up with in person for the first time in weeks, months or even years and it will feel like you just drank those mimosas at brunch yesterday. A best friend always sees the best in you, even when you are a hot ass mess. A best friend is there for all of your heartaches, breakups, and relationship issues. He or she will tell you that, Yes, he likes you based on that single text message or No, I think you should break up with him right now. 
People sometimes cut theis ex's out of their lives, even when they’ve been together for years. But that’s probably the key reason your best friend is your soul mate because, for the most part, he or she is not going to break up with you."
beautiful, best friends, blair, blake lively, blonde, brunette

PD: That's just the way we roll.
PD2: 3 días para que el posho pueda ser detenido por alteración del orden público!!! (Skin..dipp..., you know)

sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

"A best friend is someone who will stay up until midnight just to say happy birthday first, someone you can call at any given moment and know they’ll always be there. My best friend is someone who’s house I can runaway too and someone who I can be myself around. Who knows my best and accepts my worst."

I miss u.